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Download our mobile Gamified Performance Management tool to engage your employees and receive valuable small data!

Activade introduces Gamified Performance Management

GPM is about using game-design elements and game principles created for a business purpose to stimulate the brain’s reward system

  • Reward great engagement
  • Motivate users
  • Increase efficiency
  • Simplify target measurement

This is Gamified Performance Management


Activade is based on our own developed methodology which we call RACE

  • Result

    Results can be measured and presented in many ways. A dashboard that visualize the users’ accomplishments based on the company’s goals set

  • Activity

    Our dynamic point system enables rewarding the most important activities, regardless what KPIs you want to monitor or measure

  • Competence

    Measure and reward individual skills development at the same as you streamline the learning process for both online and offline education

  • Engagement

    Great employee engagement is the key to an even greater result. The unified RACE methodology is available in the Activade App

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