About Activade

Gamified Performance Management

Everything started with a simple idea

Ever since the start, Activade has focused on creating an efficient tool that enables employee and customer engagement

2014 was the year that our CEO Mikael Lindqvist realized that the market needs a simplified tool to engage employees. Hence, Mikael launched Activade in order to work with Gamified Perfomance Management.

Having a background as a professional soccer player and a founder of a great IT business, Mikael comprehended that everything is about an individual’s engagement. This regardless winning a soccer game or having a satisfied employee. When we succeed in creating conditions for employees or customers to feel motivated, the likelihood of success will increase tremendously. Another similarity between sports and business, is the constant need of skills acquisition which can be easy to absorb.

Mikael recognized that engaged and competent employees that are performing the right activities will always generate a great result in a company. This is how the story of a great methodology – RACE – started.

We are happy to present the effects Activade and RACE have in your business.

We are

  • Mikael Lindqvist

    mikael@activade.se / +46 709 152 215

  • Malte Tammerström

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